What The Media is Saying About iPic…

These guys have taken the movie going experience to a new level, a gourmet restaurant, sofa seats, VIP seating and more.

- Shopping Center Business

These theaters remain close to the gold standard in terms of customer amenities in first-run theaters.

- Chicago Tribune

What Consumers Are Saying About iPic…

Scottsdale, AZ

A truly FANTASTIC movie experience! .... I'll NEVER go to another theatre again.

- Katie H. - Scottsdale, AZ.

This is by far the best movie theater I have ever been in.

- Caligurl P. Los Angeles, CA.

iPic has a funny way of making a Box Office SMASH seem like the best movie of the year! The whole place is absolutely stunning, however the BATHROOM is amazing!

- Erika G. Scottsdale, AZ

What a great experience- truly the only way to watch a movie! ..... Can't wait to come back again soon!

- Heather A. - Phoenix, AZ

A truly great movie experience.

- Nydia A. - Phoenix, AZ

Such a fun date experience! So comfortable and seriously worth the extra ticket price. Not only was the theater posh, the lobby and whole experience was hip and luxurious.

- Lizzy K. - Glendale, AZ

South Barrington, IL

We won't be going anywhere else to see a movie. It's expensive but it's WORTH it...there's a reason it's more expensive than AMC! Portabello mushroom trio burgers were AMAZING.

- Karrie L. Mokena, IL

Milwaukee, WI

when I discovered the iPic, I was in total heaven. I WISH Los Angeles would get a theater like this! The closest we have is the Arclight, which is a truly wonderful cinema, but it just still doesn't compare.

- Tamara V. - Seattle, WA

This is one of the most amazing movie theaters/entertainment establishment I have I have ever seen. ....the seats were amazing, the screen was amazing the acoustics and sound was amazing! It was great.

- Colin U. - Milwaukee, WI

I love the insanely comfy seats! Super comfortable luxury is the way I like to enjoy a movie. I also love that you can order your tickets from home and pick out your seats ahead of time. I will go out of my way to visit the Ipic and enjoy my Voss sparkling water and watch a movie with great picture quality.

- Anastasia B. - Hales Corner, WI.

Fairview, TX

HOLY CRAP THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!! I wish I could live here. iPic is kind of like Studio Movie Grill. No wait this place blows SMG out of the water. Seriously this place is the shiznit. You get to pick your own seats online, so you are always guaranteed a good spot.

- Jessica M., Mesquite, TX

I am in love with this movie theater! I can't seem to enjoy any others now, and I am not sorry to say that.

- Shawn I., Allen, TX

Austin, TX

Let's divide the serious movie viewers from the casual ones. If you're not a film fanatic, then you probably won't understand spending the money to come here. If you are serious about your movie experience, than this is the only place in Austin to watch a movie.
It's like flying First class.
If you want to travel with the cargo: go to a regular theater
if you want to travel on a low-cost airline: go to the Alamo Drafthouse
if you want to fly First class: then come here.

- Contessa T., Austin, TX

Damn the man who brought me here for changing my movie-going world.
Damn this place for rocking.
Damn all other theatres for sucking in comparison.
I will forever be annoyed now when I go to other theatres.

- Carla, S., Austin, TX

Pasadena, CA.

Luxury. So comfortable. Great service. Really good food. Cocktails brought right to your seat. Sure it's expensive, but worth it.

- Josiah B., Burbank, CA

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! sigh...if only I was rich enough to go all the time... $29 for vip treatment. Totally worth it in my opinion if you have disposable income. .... ANYWAYS! So this place is incredible. The food is AMAZING and the service is great. You need to try their cheesecake brulee. I have tasted A LOT of cheesecakes and this one is definitely one of my top favorites. Plus they're huge too!

- Stephanie B., Diamond Bar, CA.

Redmond, WA

IPic Theaters is the best movie theater in the Greater Seattle Area! Way better than Lincoln Square, Cinebarr? and Big Picture for sure!

- Jeremy L., Everett, WA.

The first time i visited this theater was to try to book it for an event so i was given a tour of the entire facility....WOW !!!! like omfg it totally blew me away because of the concept and the execution is phenomenal.

- Taz A., Seattle, WA.

Bolingbrook, IL

Go For A Movie, Stay for the Food!!! Went here for "date night" and was not dissapointed. Signed up as a member (It's free), reserved excellent seats for $17 each, and swiped my card in the lobby to get them. Couldnt have been easier. ... Top notch movie going experience.

- Captain L. Bolingbrook, IL.